Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 18 2010

Teeth Whitening Systems: Do They Work

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The British catch a bad wrap. Here in America we bash their dental hygiene over and over. Austin Powers is a perfect example. If you’re from Europe, we assume you have disgusting brown and yellow choppers. Maybe you didn’t even take the time to get braces as a child.

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Of course this is not always the case. Surely not everyone in England, France, or Germany have foul teeth. It’s a stereotype. On the other hand, it most likely relates back to the obsession we Americans have with our pearly whites.

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We take our oral hygiene very seriously here in the states. The example is set by our media. On anygiven day you can see a number of commercials for a teeth whitening system on television. There are plenty of these products to choose from.

It doesn’t take much anymore to brighten your grin. It used to be that a trip to the dentist was the only way to acquire a white set of teeth. He/she would generally use some sort of tray with a peroxide gel in it. Well, not any more. These days you have plenty of options on your hands.

From the teeth whitening system you see advertised on a TV infomercial, to the countless whitening products you encounter in the local drugstore, the choice is yours. Go about getting that sparkling smile however you please.

For some money is not an issue. If this is the case, then you may want to consider a professional whitening service. A dentist can easily apply a gel to your teeth and then whiten them with a laser.

These procedures can easily cost around 500 dollars. You can easily find the right teeth whitening system for you at Walgreen’s. Some brands that offer inexpensive teeth whitening systems include Rembrandt and Crest. Buying these will definitely be cheaper than going for the expensive treatments.

There are always the basics. For those who are not interested in a modern-day teeth whitening system, you can always stick to routine brushing and flossing. This has worked for me so far. I’m 31 and my teeth are still white and shiny.

The key is to brush three times a day and floss once each night. You may even enjoy a whitening mouthwash from Rembrandt or Listerine. Keep those choppers looking stellar!

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