Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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March 09 2010

Teeth Whitening Services For Laser Centers

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Shine Teeth Whitening Services is something completely new. It is a high quality teeth whitening program  for Health professionals running a laser clinic or laser center that allow any medical doctor to provide custom whitening, the #1 most wanted and sought after beauty treatment, straight from their practice or med spa withouth any kind of gear or long-term commitments. Just order teeth bleaching trays and everything’s bundled that will enable you to add the #1 beauty treatment to your own services.

And here is precisely how it functions:

1. You buy ‘Teeth Whitening Products through Shine Teeth Whitening Services.

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2. The consumer creates a great ‘impression’ of their own teeth that you ship back to Shine Teeth Whitening Services.

3. Shine Teeth Whitening Services’s  dentist-trained employees creates custom made teeth whitening trays and ships all of them back to you in forty-eight hrs.

That is it. All of the distribution, services, handling etc is actually included within the cost. Of course you’re buying at wholesale prices and your selling full price. You also have the opportunity to white-label your own teeth whitening pens or use them as promotional products, giveaways, or simply sell them list price.

The smartest next action? Buy 2 tryout kits and use them yourself. See how excellent the service, item, and outcomes are.!. It is rare that you can offer a product that you can basically guarantee a result from but this may just be it. After all, the proposed list price for a Shine custom teeth whitening trays, gel, etc is somewhere between $250-$350.

Here’s some more relating to Shine Teeth Whitening via their PR release:

No teeth whitening equipment involved

custom made trays ensure the gel will stay properly contained in the tray, away from your gums, to prevent sensitivity. Have you been a coffee consumer?  No problem! Having a custom made whitening kit, customers can achieve expert bleaching at home while hitting the gym, browsing or cruising cyberspace as frequently as needed—and at half the cost of an equivalent kit from the dentist’s office–to preserve their teeth constantly brilliant. For medical practices that offer laser teeth whitening services, partnering that program along with a tailor made kit for home bleaching will ensure that your patients teeth whitening progress—and their full satisfaction along with your tooth whitening services—remains as robust as it is on the actual day the laser treatment took place within your clinic, avoiding the characteristic degradation of their white enamel shade with time.|The tailor-made trays make sure the actual teeth whitening gel will remain securely contained in the tray, away from your gums, to avoid sensitivity.]

Shine offers dental impression putty and trays in pre-measured kits with straightforward instructions to help your customers capture a perfect impression. Send the impression to Shine teeth whitening services in the pre-addressed mailer and we will return your client’s finished kit to your business for pick up within just 5-10 days.

Shine’s convenient bleaching pens are one of our most widely used products. At $5 (US) and up wholesale, these enjoyable and effortless metal tubes are easy to white label for your own practice. They deliver pro strength tooth whitening carbamide peroxide gel via the brush tip of a slim wind up cylinder small enough to fit inside a purse or even a jean pocket. These kinds of portable tubes sell for $25 and up on common retail sites like Amazon and Sephora and are great for travel, for touch ups, and are especially favored by adults and for youngsters.