Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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Reviewing Various Teeth Whitening Products

 Teeth whitening procedures and products have come up as a very important part of dental care lately. This is due to the fact that there have been numerous teeth discolorations and enamel loss in adults these days. Teeth are becoming discolored for a variety of reasons. Due to the porous nature of our enamel, it can very easily become stained over a period of time. One of the most commonly reported cause is drinking darker colored liquids like tea, coffee, etc. Coffee is one of the top most offenders, as is soda, tea and red wine. Surprisingly, research results also suggest that antibiotics like tetracycline can prove as a potential cause of yellowing or graying of enamel of the teeth. Let’s take a while to analyze and review some of the most common methods of dental whitening by looking at some teeth whitening product reviews.

 Crest Whitening Strips: Whitening Product Review

 Observing the consumer demand for faster and cheaper methods of teeth whitening, the very first whitening strip was introduced in the market by Proctor and Gambler in the year 2000, under the brand name of Crest White Strips. The strips come as elastic plastic strips that can be easily stuck on teeth, and come with predetermined proportions of bleaching material. They require to be used daily for two times a day and show their effect between a week and ten days. They do not require the use of any trays to house the bleaching agent and thus are easily manageable at home. Due to this reason, they have become a very popular home based procedure for whitening of teeth.

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 Night White: Product Review

 Night White is another home based teeth whitener that is sold exclusively online and is widely available at all dental websites. That is one of the reasons for it not being as well known as other products of the same category such as Crest Whitestrips. None the less, if you want Teeth Whitening Tips, Night White is surely one of the best teeth whitening methods that can be used. Night White is a one of a kind teeth whitening systems that can be painted on the teeth to counter discoloration. They are easy to manage as the formula contained in it dries pretty fast. It is known to show encouraging results within eight to ten days from their usage. The manufacturers offer three free packages with every free trial that they offer.

Direct White: Product Review

 The product comes with the assertion from it’s manufacturers that it can give you the same service and advantage that is offered by cosmetic dentists. This makes the product all the more interesting. The teeth whitening product comes with custom made trays to hold the teeth bleaching agent that easily fits onto your teeth and offer you a comfortable whitening experience. The product is pretty easy on the pocket and the whitening results are pretty astonishing.

 Teethwhite Whitening Gel: Product Review

 This dental whitening is one of the most highly recommended dental whitening products available in the market. It has been rated very highly by the customers who have used it and you can not find even a single website where people talk foul about it. The fact that it comes as a gel makes its application all the more ease to manage. This would be the best teeth whitening product that any everyone would recommend online.

 All these teeth whitening products reviews listed here are one of the best in the market, in their respective segments, when it comes to whitening of teeth. But if you want the best spend the money and get a professional lazer whitening