Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 11 2011

Teeth Whitening Procedures with laser

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Quite a few people endure from the effects of tooth discoloration. Staining on tooth can be the result of many things including extreme caffeine consumption, smoking, age or medication. Laser teeth whitening is a technique that is highly recommended by professionals and is safe and effective. This procedure is capable of removing yellow and brown stains on teeth and suitable for people of all ages.

The benefits to choosing a laser teeth whitening procedure over the traditional bleaching methods are obvious. Having your teeth whitened by laser is faster and much gentler then other methods. The procedure takes only 16 minutes with the gel formula on the teeth, compared to 60 minutes for non laser procedures. There is no tray involved, and you will not need to wear it during the night. The lasers that are used have more precise laser energy, which results in faster treatment time and less sensitivity after the fact. These advantages are a definite selling feature, but there are also some things to be aware of before making your decision to have your teeth laser whitened.

It is not recommended for heavy alcohol users to undergo this form of teeth whitening, as alcohol thins the blood and may cause adverse side effects to the whitening process. If you have porcelain restorations or other composites, they will be removed before the bleaching process and replaced with pieces to match your new shade of teeth. Pre-existing dental work such as crowns, veneers, bonding, bridges and fillings are not appropriate for bleaching. For those with existing cases of sensitivity, the teeth may become more sensitive, causing pain for 1-4 days after the procedure. The pain should ease over time and dissipate.

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Everyone is different, and their reaction to the bleaching agent and lasers will change. It is best not to have unrealistic expectations, but to know that your doctor will do the best job he or she can. The color shade change is dependent on each individual’s reaction to the chemicals. Laser whitening is recommended by the FDA, ADA and CE and people all across America are enjoying the positive results from laser whitening procedures. It is essential to consult your physician if considering it procedure and talking about with them the professionals and disadvantages to it and various approaches of teeth whitening. It is your initially move to a brighter smile.