Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 03 2010

Teeth Whitening Pens – Neat Manner Of Whitening

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Teeth whitening pens are the hottest in the area of Cosmetic dentistry. Whitening the teeth has never been so undemanding. These pens are obtainable in the market in huge category. These are non messy, fast and they can be with no trouble done. Even people who were too unavailable or idle for in office teeth bleaching and whitening home kits can now do it without wasting much of one’s valuable time.

But everything comes with some unhelpfulness. These pens offer very easy answer to the dilemma of teeth discoloration but they may not be effective every time and they may also bring about some result one of them being discomfort.

Teeth whitening pens in opposition to Professional Whitening

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Teeth whitening pens have a lower intensity of the bleaching agents as a result of which they may be less useful Professional whitening involves high concentration of these bleaching gels and hence is more effectual. These bleaching agents include either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The greatly concerted ones have ten to thirty percent of them while the ones with a poorer concentration have less than ten percent.

Using the pen for whitening your teeth includes application of an oxidizing agent on the teeth for seven hours a day which is a protracted time for a period varying from five to fourteen days. The consequences may vary depending on brand to brand. In some occurrence whitening can be attained in a few days and in some situation it can take longer. But the bottom-line is that these pens are very unproblematic to use and offers a completely atypical reason. These are for people who cannot go in for in office or home kit whitening owing to lack of time.

The side effects

These pens may decrease the enamel of your teeth which in so doing initiate increased sensitivity on top of a little bit of inflammation in the limp tissue of the mouth chiefly the gums. But these things occur in any bleaching treatment in the early phase. These situation stay only for a few days after carrying out the treatment.

You can also examine the testimonials on these pens inscribed by people who have previously used them. They are without difficulty existing online.

Use these after doing all the study and whiten your teeth in the immaculate way method.