Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 07 2010

Teeth Whitening Options And Costs – Dental And Home Methods

We have to admit to ourself that we will do all it takes to have a beautiful bright smile. Many methods to whiten teeth exist so teeth whitening tips are pleasantly accepted in this humongous market.

Teeth whitening with toothpaste

When using whitening toothpaste our teeth must be in healthy condition and that we do not use it more than once a week. In paste there are namely abrasive particles, which may at excessive usage damage tooth enamel. Ingredients are suitable for teeth only and can also hurt soft tissue in our mouth. Consider buying best teeth whitening products for maximal effect at minimal risk and steer away from cheap poor-quality kits and gels.

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Teeth whitening at the dentist

Dentists use many different methods to whiten teeth and they depend on the degree of staining, what area we want to treat, and wether our teeth are healthy or they require corrections. Bleaches use, similar to hair dye, solutions of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.

Before procedure can start, dentist must first prepare your teeth with special stain-removing devices, clean teeth with special brush and with a small thread remove any possible particles betwen tooth recesses and grooves.

Then he will put peroxide gel on your teeth afterwards a special light (usually argon) shines on the paste to create chemical reaction to speed up the process which will take 60 minutes to complete. It is usually required for a patient to have few more appointments for final effect. This procedure works great and results are satisfying. Professional teeth whitening cost will be fat $400 – $1000 bill, but you are left with a beautiful smile that will last for couple of years.

Teeth whitening at home

Procedure is simple. Dentist will make molds of your teeth and create custom trays. Following the instructions, patient will thread peroxide solution into these trays and keep it in his mouth overnight. Time required depends on directives and how white we wish our teeth to be. First condition is that teeth and gums are healthy and patient should be able to endure active ingredients during treatment.