Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 21 2010

Teeth Whitening-It Does Take The Costs Of Laser Procudures To Have Whiter Teeth

During this bad economic outlook , many  consumers are resisting on products that require a lot of budget. Judging from their  buying patterns, you can clearly see why this is happening. Females usually like to have their skin tanned but a lot of people are saying no to tanning bed now. Instead, the trend has changed to tanning in natural sunlight or getting a cheaper version of self tanning gels in the consumer store. The next example is that women are polishing their toes and nails by using nails polish instead of spending money in a beauty salon.

Fortunately, it is not a requirement to invest a lot of money in look good products in order to be presentatble. Teeth whitening cost does not need to be in the thousands as many consumers think them may be. You may have known now, some people need  the professional dental and willingly part with their hard earned  money to have a costly  laser treatment performed. The effects are almost  fast, so you get the results that you dream of. However, you must be aware that there are some risks as well. For the first thing , they can damage your tooth enamel. Secondly, your teeth are more proned to the hazard of weakening and discoloration later .

There are other safer and cheaper alternatives if you look hard enough. There are a few  home teeth whitening consumer brands that combine baking soda and peroxide and they are also as useful in whitening your teeth. On top of that, there are now brightening toothpastes, tooth whitening strips and trays that acts as an agent to make your smile dazzling. Of course, every product’s effectiveness is different depending on the time frame they sit on your teeth and the level of peroxide.

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Besides laser treatment, the strips and trays have the highest  teeth whitening cost. Having said that, you can expect the highest concentration of peroxide in these items, which are the closest you can find in the ones used by the dentists. The corelation between effectiveness and level of peroxide is almost perfect one.This is one of the characteristics of the best teeth whitening.

Another important factor is the amount of time  these products stay on your teeth. If a product is allowed to work on the teeth longer, you can see better results.  You can select to use tooth whitening pastes as they are most cost effective. However, you must be warned that these products do not stay on your teeth long enough for it to remove any daily residues.