Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 09 2010

Teeth Whitening – Dental Or Home Products?

Having a bright white teeth used to be a luxury, with technological progress over the last couple of decades it became available for all of use. Everybody wants to have beautiful, white teeth, that shows on a tidy and healthy human.

All commercial teeth whitening products, which you can buy in almost every store work on the principal of abrasion. Inside these bleaching agents there are tiny particles, that rubs off enamel (most outter surface) of the tooth while you brush your teeth. And so, colouring caused by foods, drinks and smoking are effectively removed. These toothpastes work on the principal of abrasion and therefore with too often use damage the surface of the tooth so it appears more white.

There are two different kind of procedures to whiten teeth at the dentist. Firstly, we can bleach our teeth in the dental office with highly concentrated bleaching gel. This process must be and it is supervised constantly by professionals and thus make it the safest method. In the other method special mold is made out of artificial mass to be putted on our teeth. Peroxide is not as highly concentrated in this case. Patient is given mold and bleaching agent to take it home. At the evening you put gel in the tray, put it on your teeth and leave it on overnight as long as it is instructed by a dentist. Costs depend on the treatment, and the location you live at, as well on the dental office but mostly moves betwen $500 and $1000. Successful whitening can not be guaranteed by anyone, in time teeth always get yellow again.

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So you have white teeth and now you want to keep them that way for as long as possible, first of all try to avoid colour imparting foods and beverages. Use a straw when drinking dark beverages and that way liquid will bypass your front teeth and will not stain them. Brush or fluss after every meal. Good way to keep teeth white is to follow good oral hygiene practices. Use your toothbrush more oftenly!