Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 24 2009

Teeth Whitening at Home – What Procedure Works at Home and What Does Not?

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Our teeth become discolored primarily from the food and teeth-staining beverages that we ingest and drink everyday. Very minute food residues cling to our teeth forming stains and are there for the rest of our lives if we are not careful enough with our teeth. The longer the stains have been clinging in our teeth, the harder it is for you to get rid of it. And given the diverse causes of those teeth discoloration, not all teeth whitening products would prove to be effective. There is some that would work but there were also some that simply just won’t work.

Choosing the Most Effective Home Techniques

Taking into consideration the condition or the health of your teeth, there were some home remedies that would basically be not for you. Some ingredients and elements used in at home procedures of whitening the teeth are very dangerous in some conditions. Having sensitive teeth is one reason to be very careful in using even home remedies. However, besides all these conditions, there were still some home remedies that would essentially work in any of the conditions without having any repercussions at all.

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Here are some suggestions:

  • Baking soda teeth massage. This ingredient works perfectly well in all teeth conditions. All you have to do is gently brush your teeth with this ingredient using a soft-bristle toothbrush. This is to avoid over-scratching the tooth enamel because baking soda is abrasive in nature. By doing this regularly, your teeth will whiten naturally in no time.
  • Gentle massage of teeth and gums with the help of mustard oil is also one great solution in restoring the whiteness down your teeth. It can also help strengthen not only your teeth but your gums as well.
  • Rock salt is not only meant to add taste to every food that we enjoy, it is also one of the most effective natural home ingredients in teeth whitening. Just brush your teeth regularly with it and you can have very desirable results in no time.
  • Dried and powdered basil leaf can be as helpful as other solutions. Sprinkle an ample amount of this powder in your toothpaste every time you brush your teeth and enjoy the eventual change in the color of your teeth.

These ingredients may seem too ordinary but their effects can be very significant when it comes to teeth whitening. Who needs a dentist visit if you can only make your teeth whiter using these useful, cheap and effective ingredients? Another advantage you can get from using these home ingredients is that, you can have whiter teeth without leaving the premises of your own home.

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