Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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Teeth Whitening Agents Help To Bleach Teeth And Do Away With That Stained Smile

It can often be noticed that a child’s smile is much more spectacular and brilliant than a grown- ups. It’s not just about it being cute, but children are found to have whiter teeth as compared to adults. This is because as a person’s age progresses, the enamel of the teeth becomes less and less porous. This leads to a change in the mineral structure of the teeth and in turn leads to discoloration of the teeth not to mention more visits to the dentist. Discoloration and straining of teeth has also been amounted to the consumption of certain organic medicines like tetracycline. But there is no need to worry now. Seeing the increased consciousness about personal dental health and the color of teeth amongst the people, many major market players have come up with their respective solutions to the problem. 

Most of these products employ some kind of a teeth bleaching agent for whitening of the teeth. The application of the teeth whitening agent to the teeth depends upon the method of application, and differs from one product to the other. There are certain kinds of teeth whitening gels which can be used to whiten the teeth and contain the bleaching agent in the form of a gel, that can be very easily applied to the teeth. Even other products offer a variety of whitening agents that can be applied through the use of trays which can be easily placed on the teeth. There are still others such as whitening strips which have the whitening agent smeared to them on one side and it starts acting on the teeth, as and when the entire whitening strip is spread out over the teeth. These days, various innovative methods of teeth whitening are also available in the market. Various companies have come out with a chewing gum that contains a suitable teeth whitening agent (good to taste!!)that can simply be chewed on for some time to get the desired pearl like glow in your teeth. Orbit is just one of the many examples.

Be it any kind of product, the basic element of each product is the teeth whitening agent that they employ. Most commonly used whitening agents include carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Any of these agents act by coming in contact with the enamel and bleaching the agent that has been the cause of discoloration. A benefit that these whitening agents offer is that they just target the teeth and nothing else in the vicinity. Thus, all your crowns, fillings and other dental fitting remain unaffected from these.

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Another major issue that most people thinking about undergoing teeth whitening have is regarding the safety of the procedure. They are concerned if the whitening agent would leave their teeth damaged for a long time. Dentists and researchers all over the world argue that these teeth whitening agents are perfectly safe to use in any form externally, and have the potential to whiten the teeth color to about two to five shades lighter. They do not have any ill effect on the teeth and keeps the teeth intact and whiter for longer periods of time.