Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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March 07 2011

Teeth need regular care

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Keeping your teeth clean and in good working order is a habit that should last your entire life. Most people, though aware of the fact that a dental visit twice a year is a good idea, skip adhering to a regular dental visit schedule with their Austin family dentist, until a dental problem develops. 

A general dentistry exam is the most basic component of dental care. Basic general dentistry procedures start with a comprehensive dental exam, including dental radiography. This is the best way to stop a small issue from becoming a big problem. Dental caries causing tiny, painless decay lesions, tartar build up causing gum inflammation, problems with existing filling or crowns, are all issues which are best managed with basic dental procedures–and most take less than an hour, twice a year, will add years to the life of your teeth, and promote good health overall.

General dentistry includes basic treatment procedures such as scaling and root planning for gum health and dental restorations for cavities. Fluoride applications that will ward off cavities are included with every visit. Sealants that fill in pits and fissures on the surface of the teeth are another important element of the basic dental visit. Mouth guards for sporting activities, and to help prevent people from grinding their teeth are also a standard in the industry that find their way into so many American homes.

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Interestingly, general dentists in Federal Heights also contribute greatly to diagnosing early signs of oral cancer or pre-cancer conditions  (he or she will be able to spot the familiar white spots and streaks that are the first sign of something more complicated). The mouth is the body’s gateway, and many general health issues can manifest as oral conditions. These issues can range from bulimia to bleeding disorders or diabetes.  For example, diabetes is often first detected by a dentist during a routine dental exam. Gum disease or other oral lesions that result as diabetic complications and easily go unnoticed by patients, can warn a dentist of the possibility of underlying diabetes.

No matter your age, keeping up with regular dental checkups is a habit that will serve throughout your entire life. Dental visits needed annually depend largely on existing dental and general health condition, and can vary from two to six visits (for those at high-risk). For more information about your general dentistry needs, contact a family dentist in Frisco.