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March 20 2011

Teeth grinding treatments that work.

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Many people don’t realize how harmful teeth grinding can be to the health of their mouths. Once you get into the habit of grinding your teeth you can keep doing it for years causing your teeth to be damaged loosened or even to fall out. There are quite a few teeth grinding treatments that can help you stop doing this, and we’ll be discussing some of these in this article.

Of all the treatments for teeth grinding, it is said that biofeedback helps many. The most commonly suggested treatment for teeth grinding is the use of a mouth guard. To help you stop grinding your teeth you migh consider one of the different biofeedback devices available. By attaching this device to your mouth the sensor will set off an alarm when you grind your teeth. This machine works by setting off an alarm to let you know when you have started grinding your teeth. Mouth guards are said to be an invasive treatment. Biofeedback can be an effective teeth grinding treatment, but you have to be willing to get woken up until it works.

If you experience teeth grinding mostly while you are asleep, your sleeping habits could be contributing to your problem. There are lots of people who grind their teeth during the day as well as during the night but it is a lot easier to control the problem during the person’s waking hours. If you have problems sleeping or don’t sleep regularly, this could be causing your teeth grinding when you are asleep. Once in a while simply changing your position can help. Try to get to bed as early as possible, and don’t take any stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol in the evening. Your teeth grinding might be caused by an undiagnosed sleeping disorder. Very often, people who grind their teeth at night also snore or have sleep apnea, and your doctor can suggest ways to treat such potentially serious problems.

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For people who have a serious teeth grinding problem that has not been helped by other methods, botox treatments are sometimes recommended. Botox is best known for its ability to improve upon a person’s appearance but it has also been used to treat teeth grinding. Botox can be injected into the jaw, and this weakens these muscles and stops you from grinding your teeth. Ask your insurance if it covers this treatment because paying out of pocket is quite expensive (especially since the treatments will need to be repeated regularly). For people who cannot stop grinding their teeth any other way, botox is always a possibility. While teeth grinding can be a stubborn problem, many people have managed to get over it and so can you. The problem wont just go away all at once. Patience with yourself is key to having the teeth grinding treatment you have choosen work for you. A small reduction in teeth grinding can improve the condition and health of your teeth and jaw.

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