Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 26 2010

Teeth Bleaching – How It’s Done

It is believed that our face reflect our personality. Our smile is the most attractive part of our face, it helps to make an impact on others and create an impression on the minds of other’s. In order to have a charming smile, our teeth are the most important part that can make or break a perfect smile. Your smile becomes the center of attention when you ensure you have a sparkling set of pearly white teeth. However, many people suffer from the problem of stained teeth or ugly stains on the teeth, which make people look awkward and often leasd to embarrassment. However, there is a sure shot method of getting rid of these stains and obtaining a perfect white set of teeth- teeth bleaching.

In order to reduce the built up staining on someones teeth, teeth whitening gels and other bleaching compounds are used. These gels basically contain hydrogen peroxide. This is the best known teeth whitening agent available. Although it is an acid, it is weak in nature and helps to bleach teeth due to its oxidising characteristic.

This method of teeth whitening can be availed both in the dentist’s office; it can also be carried out in the house as well. It is the most economical method of teeth whitening. When done at a dentist’s office, it is done in a very less time, which is why this method is highly favoured by people. People have reported to see results almost immediately and have lead to whiter teeth.

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Other remedies of home teeth whitening are to use the backside of an orange peel and rub it on the teeth. The peel of a lemon along with a little bit of salt may also be used as another alternative. Thus, teeth can be kept white naturally.