Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 04 2010

Teeth Bleaching – Homemade Remedies

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Home teeth bleaching might not ring a bell but it is in fact one of the safest bleaching practice that many need to adapt. Having a bright and white smile can be an esteem boosting factor especially if you know you have I and so all should strive to get it. It is time you turn upside down your kitchen and get this home remedy.

To start with it is not much know that a baking soda that is used for baking can be a great bleaching agent too especially at home. Many people have sworn that this is an effective teeth bleaching agent that one can use as a home remedy and that when mixed with enough water to make a white paste so that it is used to brush teeth as a paste it will work instantly after brushing and result will be lovely.

Salt is also one of the myriads of the concoctions one can come up with when teeth’s bleaching is an issue and money also another issue on hand. Salt is a cleaning agent and many loyal users do so because it can scour most stains from hard surfaces which in this case is the cavity. Just sprinkle a little salt on your brush and brush just like you brush every time then gargle with warm water and voila! Your first step to teeth bleaching will be started

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Remember you too use some lemon products in your kitchen and so get the lemon or the citrus family of fruits that also include oranges and use it for the purpose as a home teeth bleaching agent. Many people who have used it testify that it is effective than most commercial teeth bleaching agents. What you need to do is rub the inside of an orange or lemon to your teeth and wait for the result or still dip your brush to the orange or lemon and use that water to brush your teeth it will gloss and be white as soon as you take this as your routine

Most lovers for home made teeth bleaching agent will always advice you to mix a little salt with the citrus family juice and use for a more effective result but one should be careful not to mix what they are not sure about for instance the baking soda and citrus juice because the former is an alkaline while the later is an acid that will definitely react destroying the intended party.

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