Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 29 2010

Taking Care Of Your Dental Health

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Gum disease is a condition that seems to plague a good number of people, but most especially those who are advanced in age. It is also said to be a silent killer, spawning certain types of heart disease.

However, the question is, is there even a way to prevent it, given its propensity?  It is said that over thirty million people have this condition. Causes for this range from poor dental hygiene, lack of hydration to other conditions such as diabetes.

What are your treatment options then? Of course, the preventive care would include regular (and proper brushing of teeth) plus flossing. But if you are already afflicted with gum disease, then you may choose from surgical and non-surgical treatments. In either case, it is important to do what you can do keep your own natural teeth – if at all possible.

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When it comes to non-surgical treatments, which best follows AAP guidelines stressing that periodontal treatment should be accomplished in the least invasive but most cost-effective manner as well, the most common would be scaling and planing followed by adjunctive therapy.

It is said that after scaling and planning, most patients would not require additional therapy. However, because of its limitations, there may be a need for some patients to undergo surgical treatments.

Surgical treatments would involve pocket reductions procedures, regenerative procedures, crown lengthening and soft tissue grafts. Of course, these could be much more costly but could be a necessary measure in order to prevent the disease from further spreading and branching off into other complications.  Protect yourself from periodontal disease.

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