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February 02 2011

Take care of your teeth–use sedation dentistry

Austin sedation dentistry is a special kind of dental procedure that is used to alleviate anxiety and provide a relaxing experience for patients who need dental work but who have anxiety sitting in a dental chair. Sedation dentistry helps calm a patient down before, during and after treatment, so that they can easily accept the healthcare they need. Without their full cooperation, the results might not have their affect.

Most dentists can offer you a method that will help you relax during your next dental appointment. Depressants, anti-anxiety medication, tranquilizers and in some cases, nitrous oxide are given orally, and intravenous drugs are sometimes given if more relaxation is needed.  

For instance, most oral sedatives are given to the patient the night before the dental procedure or 30 minutes to an hour before the appointment. Nitrous oxide sedation; however, is given in combination with a local anesthetic.

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This method of treatment is now the standard in the industry, and will help reach those who have neglected their teeth for far too long. The procedure is easy and does not include needles. The oral medication that is given offers a relaxing feeling and many patients, once the work is done, remember little of what went on. However, to become fully unconscious is rare, since the doctor and patient do need to cooperate in order to achieve the best type of care.

Some dental insurance companies don’t pay for this procedure but there are some non-intravenous procedures where dental insurance may cover the expense. If you have any questions about your dental insurance, and what they will and won’t cover, just give them a call. They will have a ready answer in no time at all.

Another benefit of this procedure is that once the work is finished, the patient feels that they have been in the dental chair for a short period of time and because of this feeling, he or she is more agreeable to call a Denton, TX dental office when future dental work is needed.

Take a closer look at Dr. David K. Dennison, a sedation dentist in Houston, Texas and make that appointment now.