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January 22 2010

Supporting Your Child Efficiently Prepare for Therapy Sessions

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People have become more receptive to the idea of seeking help from therapists; humanistic therapy has caused changes in the idea that people have of therapy and are starting to understand that there are some problems that are best controlled by professionals, and this doesn’t of necessity make you mentally ill. Sand Tray Therapy can help people reconnect to who they really are. More parents these days are also understanding how therapy can be helpful for their children in some cases. While it’s always fine to instinctually know when something is going wrong with your children, there are actually times when you can’t distinguish. In these cases, going to the therapist to get further help will be favorable.

Take for example children who were sexually or physically battered; some become restless and antagonistic, some become withdrawn and lose concentration in school or other activities that they used to enjoy with their friends. Settling on when your child needs therapy can sometimes be an awkward thing because most children are not capable to make sense of how they feel and find it hard to express it to their parents. From time to time, children who face problems that they cannot convey to the adults in their life also show a failure in their academic performance, often flunking out in school or performing not as good as than they did before.

As well as using common sense, it’s also good to listen to your sixth sense when it comes to ascertaining your child’s need for intervention. When you’ve decided the need, the next important step is to prepare your child for the experience of consulting to a therapist. It is also possible for therapy sessions to become more operational if children have the right idea about it instead of subconsciously putting up defenses throughout the sessions. Having an insight about how to accost your child about this will help in preparing him or her for the therapy sessions. Here are selected suggestions to help you out with it.:

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Converse to your child about where you are taking him or her, don’t just put your child in the car and steer to the therapist. Pick your terminologies wisely and be aware of how your child might take it. Remember that you are doing it to help your child, so make sure to make your child feel encouraged about the sessions and dispel any fear your child may have about not being “normal” or any other comparable misconceptions.

Enlighten your child more about what therapists accomplish and how they can help people out. Address any other fears your child will express before the visit.

Talk to your child about how the things they whine in therapy will be kept confidential. Teenaged children will probably need to know this as well, so that they can have additional self-reliance in talking with the therapist.

offer your child even the most basic idea about the kind of healing you are taking him or her to. For instance, you can tell your child that you’ll buy ice cream after play therapy, or do something that you enjoy together.

Helping a child during this phase may not be easy, but your support is very essential.