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February 27 2011

Suggestions for Managing Teeth Grinding While You’re Sleeping

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If you have the problem of teeth grinding in your sleep, you have to remember that you’ve probably been doing it for years. The fact that this occurs when you are unconscious makes it a habit that is not easily broken. This condition has been successfully beaten by many people, so keep your head up. Try some of these methods for dealing with teeth grinding to see if they help.

How do you know if you grind your teeth when you sleep? Some people find out because they have a partner who notices it. Similar to snoring, the only evidence often comes from others who see or hear it. However, you may do it quietly, or you may sleep alone. In this instance, it’s likely that your dentist is the only one who will recognize that you grind your teeth while you are asleep. There is quite a bit of dental evidence for this, such as jaw tenderness, unusual wear on your teeth for your age, frequent loss of fillings or crowns or teeth that are unusually sensitive. If your dentist settles on the fact that you are grinding your teeth when you are asleep, then you can start looking for decent healing methods.

For a few people who are trying to get over grinding their teeth, sleeping through a hypnosis session can do the trick. Since hypnosis reprograms your subconscious, it makes sense that it could fix problems when you sleep. Multiple options are available with hypnosis, you can see a hypnotherapist or find an audio program designed for teeth grinding. It could be as simple as creating affirmations that you repeat shortly before bed in a meditative state. Since it is a relaxation technique it is quite helpful at preventing teeth grinding in your sleep.

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In many cases by making lifestyle changes you can put an end to this problem by simply reducing your level of stress. Reduce your stress by increasing your exercise, take up yoga or even go see a therapist. Try listening to your favorite music to reduce your stress level, go for a walk in nature or even get a pet. On the off chance you start to catch yourself during the day, be sure to take a deep breath, relax and stop. In short, the more you can let go of stress during the day, the less likely you are to be plagued by it at night. This can all make it easier to stop teeth grinding when you sleep. When it comes to teeth grinding in your sleep, just remember that no matter how long you’ve had this problem, you don’t have to live with it forever. Treating this problem is simple, with all the many methods that are available. Using the above methods as your guide, you will find a way to end this unhealthy habit of grinding your teeth in your sleep.

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