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January 20 2010

Stop That Nappy Bad Breath

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Suffering from bad breath or oral malodor could sometimes be intriguing especially when the person doesn’t know he has it. It becomes a topic talked about in the neighborhood. Not everybody would understand especially that not everybody suffers from this kind of condition.

I have read in articles that it has really bad social implications to those who have it. Some are aware and some are not. Those who are aware tend to be too conscious when they are talking to people, that gives the others impressions that you are anti-social, snob or boring.

I have been surfing the internet about people who are aware but feel very helpless about the condition. Dental Experts advise that they should not discount their abilities in tracing the cause of the problem – they have to trace where it is coming from and be able to act against it. And since it is not an easy task, they have to cooperate with dental professionals to help them resolve the problem.

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Unawareness, on the other hand, leaves the person in the dark talking very confidently and out loud not realizing how others feel about his condition. This a more difficult situation to be in, since it is too hard for other people to tell the person he has it – nobody have the guts to inform the person upfront.

A case of bad breath can be a serious problem, it could be indicative of a dental problem or it can be worsened by the medications you take or by an illness you have like diabetes patients who have "ketone-breath" – according to a trivia I have read.

Frequent brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash are admitted by most to help effectively treat this condition but you have to be watchful of the products you use. I have read in a book how flossing and brushing could affect the gums with improper use and how also some mouthwash could be harsh to your soft tissues. Learn more about combatting bad breath.

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