Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 26 2010

Stop Covering Your Mouth! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth Easy

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening works by applying gel containing peroxide to your teeth. Enamel under this effect gets whiter. Stains and deposits are also removed from the surface of the teeth and give them their natural whiteness again.

Different methods and procedures for teeth whitening

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These days, there are many teeth whitening systems available to us. Below are described two methods dentists can perform.

  • Dentist applies bleaching solution to your discolored teeth. Only-this is activated under the heath. After about 60 minutes, dentist washes the bleach from your teeth and they appear whiter already.
  • Dentist takes molds of your teeth and make custom trays for upper and lower teeth. You also receive peroxide gel that you apply together with trays to your teeth by yourself as instructed by a dentist. 120 minutes is a usual time needed to wear these, treatment duration is dependant  on the product and it takes from one to six months. If dealing with some of the best teeth whitening products you can reduce time neccessary for end results, and at the same time increase efficiency.

It is also possible to get whole whitening kits from store. Some are used pretty much like the methods expained before. These are not as costly sue to many reasons like some parts are not custom made to fit you perfectly. Always ask your dentist for professional opinion before choosing any of the home methods.

Does whitening leave some side effects?

Bleaching solutions contain peroxide which whitens enamel. Some of the teeth whitening side effects in most cases are irritations of the soft tissue of the mouth and temporal teeth sensitivity. You will allways slightly damage enamel which can take much longer to heal. If you experience any of the side effects introduce them with your dentist so you have an idea what to do next.