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November 16 2010

Stained Teeth – Common Dental Issues

“Smile for the digicam!”, cooed the photographer. And you willingly flashed your most profitable smile. “One, two, three!”, there it  goes! You have been certain you regarded your finest and also you excitedly look forward to the photograph to be printed. Nevertheless, you get depressed  whenever you look at your picture. There’s something improper somewhere. It was not as perfect as you thought it would be. Your most  successful smile just wasn’t good enough. Your pearly whites just aren’t white sufficient – they’re stained!

Stained teeth are among the many commonest dental complaints heard by dentists everywhere in the country today. What might have brought about  your once pearly white teeth to develop into stained and discolored? There are a selection of things that can contribute to this dental  problem – some could also be external whereas others are inside in nature.

Exterior factors are comprised of meals and non-meals objects that we habitually eat, drink or put in our mouths. Amongst these are  the following: o Tobacco. Tobacco is listed because the main reason behind stained teeth. Whether smoked or chewed, tobacco simply is  bad for your dental well being! o Coffee o Tea o Colas o Some fruits (especially blueberries) and fruit juices (particularly grape) o  Pink wine o Soy sauce o Curry o Silver coloured fillings that have leached out and discolored the surrounding tooth

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On the other hand, internal factors are these factors that we will do nothing about. Growing older is taken into account one in all these factors. As  you age, the enamel of your tooth begins to skinny out allowing the underlying layer of yellowish dentin tissues to indicate through.  This explains why your teeth take on a yellowish stain as you develop older.

Another reason for this widespread dental criticism may be intrinsic (occurs within the inside of the teeth) in nature. These are most  generally observed in children taking the antibiotic tetracycline or in the offspring of moms who have taken the drug during  pregnancy.

Fixing the Stained Teeth Downside – Earlier than you do something about it, it is greatest to first determine the exact reason for your dental  drawback and be life like of the results you want to achieve. Tooth should not naturally pure white so don’t aim to have one!

The stain caused by some meals and drinks can typically be eliminated with the help of your dentist. It is more seemingly to be potential that a good  dental cleaning is all you could take the stains away! However, intrinsic stains can solely be eliminated by resorting to beauty  dental procedures similar to composite resin bonding and porcelain laminate veneers.

Whichever of these choices is more possible to be best for you, there actually is only one logical course of action to comply with after you’ve got  restored your pearly white enamel – maintain them properly! You can stop this dental drawback from occurring in the future by  taking heed of the next ideas:

o Observe correct dental hygiene. You could brush your teeth no less than twice day by day utilizing a great toothbrush (choose one with comfortable  bristles), good toothpaste and the right brushing techniques. Do not scrub your teeth too exhausting – you may actually do more  harm than good if you happen to do this! And don’t forget to floss each day, both!

o Quit smoking. Tobacco is seemingly one in all the worst dental offenders.

o Learn to restrict your coffee intake. Have you ever observed how coffee leaves a telltale stain in your coffee cup? Properly, that’s what  it’ll do to your tooth, too!

o Don’t drink, sip! If you can’t keep away from consuming iced tea, cola and fruit juices, sip it instead. Utilizing a straw will help  reduce the contact between the tooth and the staining liquid.

o Get a beauty cleaning. It could be an excellent idea to make an appointment for a cosmetic cleansing in between your regular  dental verify-ups. This may maintain the issue for good!

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