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June 28 2010

Stain Removal Advice for Nurses

Ok, you’re a slob.  You spill your tea on your scrubs.  You drop your dinner in your lap. Any stray drop of blood or medicine anywhere in the room lands on your scrubs.  You attract stains like a 6 year old in his Sunday best.  Well, your nursing scrubs don’t have to prove it.  Here’s how to keep that awful little fact a secret.

 The key to success in combating those pesky stains is to act quickly.  OK, so you can’t do your laundry at work, but you can treat that blood or coffee stain earlier rather than later, for best results.  Speed is of the essence, and important for successful scrubs stain fighting.  Don’t toss your hospital uniforms in the hamper and leave them there for a week, or that mess down the front of your favorite uniform top is bound to be a new decoration.  For most of us, that is not a good thing.

 For most fabrics, the time proven combo of baking soda and vinegar can gobble up those ugly stains plastered across your favorite scrub top. A paste of baking soda applied to the stain, followed with a dribble of vinegar can often leave your scrubs stain free.  Be sure to launder your garment after this application to avoid those funny looks in the elevator.

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 With today’s new oxygen-producing stain fighters, even the toughest medicine, blood or even grass stains on your scrubs is no match for these tough stain removers.  The newest products have been formulated to fight the problems all us slobs face most – blood, grease and protein based stains.  Just the types of things you face every day.  Easy to use and pretty dependable, these new stain fighters are worth keeping in your cabinet at home to combat those uniform stains which fly at you out of the blue. 

So, you already know you’re a klutz.  You know what’s going to happen today.  Your hospital uniforms are going to get stained.  Plan on it and be prepared.  But with a few stain zapping weapons in your scrubs laundering armory, you can also keep it a secret.