Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

A positive first impression is important in life. A nice smile and white teeth make a first impression that can last a lifetime. It is no secret that teeth lose their whiteness as we age, and that can make for a bad impression. Hollywood celebrities know this and that's why... Read More

June 16 2011

Do’s and Dont’s for Sporting a Celebrity Smile

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Research says that 96 percent of people living in the United States find a beautiful smile will give that individual a higher social appeal? Furthermore, seventy-four percent of the population believe that a detrimental factor to our success in the job market is a negative appearance. So what’s the impression your smile gives off? According to other surveys, it seems that in the United States, only half of the adults are happy with the smiles they wear. With cosmetic dentistry rising in fashion and demand, there are so many small and elaborate things we can do to sharpen our smile, particularly if we feel we have room for improvement. Being equipped with the right information on how to better your smile is essential, as well as knowing the things not to do!

Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Dr. Debra Gray King, Georgia’s single expert to get filmed for the ABC successful program, Extreme Makeover, as well as dentist to a lot of superstars, reveals a few of her steps to showing off a “celebrity-smile”.

The “New Bling” For Your Teeth: Better Than Grills– About one of the most popular fads with many hip-hop and R&B entertainers is to acquire a snap-on “grill” for their mouth. Not always economical, they tend to be made from gold and in some cases platinum, and may be plain or possibly encrusted with diamond jewelry or other gems costing thousands of dollars. Because the hip-hop community had implemented dental grills as being the new trend “bling,” numerous have experienced the fact that sporting these metal accessories can produce long term destruction of the person’s smile. It’s quite common to encounter from very poor fit, bite troubles, to aggravated gum area and decay under the crowns or “grill”, adding to bone loss in addition to periodontal disease. “We’re beginning to notice a new style present itself, a new jewelry,” says Dr. King. Lots of clients are beginning to see the actual cons to “grills” and converting to a very natural-appearing alternative – an incredible white smile. “We are helping many of R&B performers and rappers which have come to have these grills removed as well as replaced with wonderful brand new porcelain veneers,” affirms Dr. King.

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Best Whitening– There is a distinction between over-the-counter teeth whiteners and the ones found in your dentist’s workplace. Visiting your dental professional is usually the first step to bleaching your teeth safely and securely (For example, if your teeth aren’t hygienically cleaned to begin with, you could obtain spotting). As well as, over-the-counter teeth whitening strips, brush-on pastes and toothpastes call for weeks or a few months to lighten your current teeth only a couple of hues. We’ve found the very best system to be Zoom!, which is tried and tested to be able to whiten your tooth eight shades in a single hour or half a dozen shades in just one particular weekend.  Its light-activated whitening gel’s component is a dependable type of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Professional Teeth Whitening People are increasingly acquiring teeth-whitening products over the counter and also over the Internet. A lot of items available are new, intercontinentally produced, not Food and drug administration approved, and never have gone through any testing or official tests. They may have been created cheaply, or might have overly aggressive quantities of peroxide in them, or simply far less peroxide than offered. Mislabeled products could potentially cause complications with teeth and gums. The actual sad truth is that it actually happens. A good investigative report was executed on some of the figures providing mislabeled teeth whitening goods over the Internet, and the results were not good…


As for over-the-counter merchandise, people believe that they can be conserving money, but it is uncommon to find a truly fulfilled customer of those merchandise. These methods – using loose fitting teeth molds, lightening tape, and lightening pastes -are creating concern to dentists.  Lots of people, whenever they have lost their expense in these products devoid of the results they wished, often end up coming to the dentist to bleach to the level they want, or to repair the uneven as well as inconsistent results they acquired from the over-the-counter items. WBS-TV Channel 2 questioned the top Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Dr. King, regarding testing done on over-the-counter whiteners and here are the things they had to state:


These findings conclude that the safest and most efficient methods are the dentist monitored in-office light stimulated peroxide gels or maybe a molded dental at-home tray to be utilized along with peroxide prescribed through dentists.  Many times dental practices offer whitening at no cost, or for much less to new patients, therefore we should definitely research!

Best Floss– Dr. King recommends threaded, unwaxed, floss for various reasons. The glide of the floss may be a way to tell if restorations are good or faulty, since the sign of a good restoration is overall smoothness from the filling to the crown.  

 An array of threads in the dental floss, additionally, catch germs as well as particles more so than waxed, ribbon-like floss. Yet, when people have very tight spaces between their teeth, they often prefer the waxed Glide floss.  

Furthermore, you will find many new items (Glide) around which in turn include a handle and the floss that grants easier access to the most rear teeth.   The main thing, Glide and Oral B Satin Floss have been found to be the best. The coolest and simplest way to always carry floss with you is by using the Floss Card, which looks like a credit card and is small enough to fit in your wallet or purse.     

Best Manual Toothbrush– Any toothbrushes that are used correctly and with regularity, are the best fit for you. Nevertheless, it seems that for the most part the majority of manual toothbrushes don’t have great differences, yet a favorite among people is Oral B.

For Brushing While On The Move– By using Dental Dots you could clean your teeth whenever you wish, everywhere , with no need to take with you a toothbrush, toothpaste or even need to look for a sink. Dental Dots are small-scale, dime-sized disks crafted from small nylon bristles and loops bathed with a mint-like, saliva-activated fluoride toothpaste. To use, only cling the disposable pad on the tip of the finger.  Dental Dots are generally  sufficiently tiny to be transported in almost any pocket.

Best Electric Toothbrush– Dr. King has identified that the Rotadent is better than many on the market for several reasons. First of all, it genuinely imitates the cleaning tools employed in the dental office.  The compact brush whirls in a circle similar to that of the brush numerous dental professionals employ to clean your teeth. The ends finish in a tip, which help clean between the teeth efficiently and soflty.

It is of extreme importance that anyone who has dental work, to conscientiously measure the products on the market, for if not chosen properly they could damage the dental work. “Since we constantly work with porcelain modifications, one of our main concerns was the Sonicare vibration. The vibration is meant to detache any plaque and calculus from the teeth, but we were anxious the vigorous movement would also separate the dental restorations. To date, Sonicare would not assure that it’s utilization wouldn’t debond porcelain corrections.  So we discontinued recommending the Sonicare to our patients.

Additionally, the Sonicare and Oral B brushes, as opposed to the Rotadent, have bristle brushes as opposed to fine microfilaments (Rotadent) that do not conform with the surface of the tooth as well and that, coupled with too strong a movement, may damage the gums. Several patients of mine were exteremely loyal to their Sonicare, up until we gave them their plaque levels! Once they decided to become Rotadent users, they were quite willing to see their new plaque levels”. Apparently, 100% of the time the results are noticeably higher.  It helps to experience a hygienist that definitely comprehends the thing and knows how to instruct proper use well. Last but not least, while the Sonicare only offers a two-year warranty, only against defected chargers and handles, Rotadent provides a lifetime warranty, for free.

Dental Rental: How To Test-Drive Completely new Pearly Whites– It’s your current most awful dental nightmare (well short of presently being born British). You spend $15,000-plus in pearly-white porcelain laminates, and you end up having a smile which everybody notices — except for all the completely wrong reasons. “Sometimes individuals ask for a smile like Julia Roberts or maybe Nicki Taylor,” says Dr. Debra Gray King. “It could possibly look great, nonetheless it could also be inappropriate for their facial area.” The problem is until not too long ago, all you could go to would be a computerized impression that may or may not be practical to achieve. The good news is, places such as Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are offering Trial Smile, an amalgamated resin which can be applied to your own existing teeth to help you to preview what exactly permanent cosmetic dentistry work could look like. It solely lasts a day or so, yet numerous people are actually getting it a night out in the town. At a cost of around $500, depending on the look, one obtains a fabulous try out and it later on can apply towards the cost of any kind of subsequent work.