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June 28 2010

Solutions to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

There’s nothing unusual if you are in search of ways to stop grinding your teeth. Research results show that more or less 20% of adults experience this while asleep in the evening. Bruxism in general affects even more people if you take into consideration the number of daytime sufferers and the teens and kids who also have it. If you have this problem, it’s important to find a solution right away to prevent damages to your teeth.

Progressive Relaxation

One suspected cause of bruxism is stress. Under stressful conditions, the jaw muscles start to grow tense and clenching begins. You can help yourself deal with both stress and muscle tension through progressive muscle relaxation. This is a procedure in which an individual who suffers from the constant grinding of teeth imagines and practices gradually loosening the muscles. You can start off by clenching and unclenching your jaws until you are able to come to a point where unclenching or jaw relaxation occurs for a longer period of time. If you feel that your entire body is tense, you can perform this method for your whole body including your jaw muscles. This is such a simple technique that you can do this while sitting at your work station or performing a routine work task.

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Therapy Sessions

Stress and anxiety may have deeper roots than the usual issues at work or in the family. In these instances, grinding your teeth may only be one of the many health consequences. In these instances therapy sessions may help. The logic is that, dealing with the root psychological cause can resolve all other issues including bruxism.

Relaxing Activities

You don’t have to go all fancy. There is a chance that you feel stressed out and you are unable to sleep because of bad habits. This includes watching late night TV, drinking too much coffee and bringing lots of work home. You can counter this by making a commitment to practice relaxing habits. You can for example drink warm milk before bedtime, listen to soothing music, take a warm bath or put an icepack on your jaws to stop the grinding of teeth.

Aligning Teeth

If behavioral interventions don’t work, the real problem might be in the structure of your pearly whites. You may be clenching a lot in an attempt to make your bite more comfortable. You might want to consult your dentist Melbourne expert to correct alignment. Braces might help in the long run but some patients simply have to undergo filing.

Guards for Grinding

It’s not uncommon for someone with bite problems to opt for a teeth grinding guard. There are many different types that you can choose from. Guards can be rubber or plastic, single or double wall, custom or readymade and day or night types. Many individuals do well with over the counter units but if you find these affordable options uncomfortable, your only real alternative is to have your teeth custom fitted. A dentist can do this for you by taking an impression of your teeth and molding a unit based specifically on the shape and structure of your teeth.

It’s not impossible to stop grinding your teeth. What you just have to do is to pick an option that suits you well.