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January 20 2010

Sinusitis and Halitosis

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Halitosis has really become an issue for people who practice proper hygiene. With all the products available in the market today, having unhealthy gums and teeth when paired with foul smelling mouth odor is a mortal sin.

You have to understand that there are different reasons for having halitosis and one could be due to dental problems. Several other reasons could be the medications you take for a certain condition and the kind of foods you eat.

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These causes of bad breath are reversible. When dental problem is the issue, your dentist is always within reach – it can be costly to pay a visit to a dental pro but it becomes your best option when you have multiple decaying teeth. Try therabreath products – they are oxygenated and pH balanced.   

With the issue of foods like garlic and onion – it will clear overnight. Many dentists advise the use of alcohol-free mouthwash for a safer and more effective rinse.  A portable oral irrigator may be helpful – it’s easy to carry and can be placed in a purse or convenience bag.

Sinusitis could also be a cause of halitosis as the airway is affected. The person needs to breathe through the mouth, it adds up to the drying up of the oral cavity and thus become a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria. The mucous also never clears up so it encourages the bacteria to multiply and later on lead to abscess or pus formation.

Can you imagine how that would manifest when the only exit for that smell is your mouth. It could really be repulsive but you become helpless the situation is out of control. It is time to consult your medical professional to correct your sinusitis problem. Halitosis can still be reversible at this point but the treatment may be more complicated. Learn more about this important topic.

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