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May 29 2011

Should You Go In For A Dental Implant? A Few Tips To Help You Decide

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As you grow older and your teeth begin to give trouble, you will not be able to eat any of your favourite foods as you are not able to chew properly. You may not even notice it but you will slowly reduce smiling or talking as you become intensely aware of the way your teeth look. But take heart, with the advances made in dentistry, a successful dental implant can make you proud of your smile again.

The two most common dental implant techniques are sub-periosteal implants and endosteal implants. Endosteal implants are meant to imitate your natural roots and are positioned inside your jaw bone. This procedure is opted for patients who have removable bridges or dentures. Sub-periosteal implants are positioned on the jaw bone and just under your gums. This is ideal for those patients who have low bone height and cannot use conventional dentures.

Sometimes, you may require sinus augmentation or ridge modification before you can opt for dental implant. Sinus augmentation pushes up the sinus floor to enable placing of dental implants on the more difficult parts of the upper and lower jaw. While ridge modification can set right bone deformities by exposing the faulty bone by lifting up the gums to allow substituting the bone with bone substitutes.

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An overall success rate of 90% in dental implant procedures has been proven. One or more of your teeth can be replaced with dental implants without causing damage to your other teeth as it provides an ample and strong support for the new teeth. After  the  procedure, if you carry out the instructions given by your periodontist strictly, you can be sure that your dental implant will be a success. Your implant will have to be done again if you do not take care of your oral hygiene following the procedure.

The closest resemblance you can get to your own teeth is with dental implants. And they can restore your ability to chew like before and you can eat everything again. A good dental implant also restores your confidence as these implants do not loosen up like conventional dentures. It completely resembles and functions like your natural teeth. Glue or denture clasps are not used to fix the teeth as they stand on their own and don’t need the support of bordering teeth, which can eventually damage healthy normal teeth.

Dental implants could also improve the quality of your speech by ridding you of the feeling of fullness that is associated with dentures. As dental implants mimic your natural roots, it stops progressive bone loss and shrinking of your jaw bone.

It is important to follow your periodontist’s guidelines on after-care very carefully. Dental Implants can vastly improve the quality of your life. You should be able to chew properly once again and you can smile and talk without embarrassment. A dental implant may truly be a life-changing procedure for you.

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