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December 25 2010

Self Diagnosis Of Abscessed Tooth

Discomfort in the tooth is a widespread medical condition and an abscessed tooth is one painful condition that will require care from your dental professional . The basic definition of an abscess is a collection of pus. If this pus accumulates near the root of the tooth, then the condition is called an abscessed tooth. This post shares the symptoms, causes, treatment and how this painful tooth condition is diagnosed. Visit a site called Symptom Spy to analyze your own symptoms using a unique medical symptom checker.

Abscessed Tooth

Symptoms – Signs and indications will most likely consist of a prolonged toothache or strong tooth pain that is created a whole lot worse by biting down or chewing food. A particular person with a tooth abscess may also encounter swollen or enlarged lymph nodes on the neck or around the ear. Most persons may additionally sense discomfort that feels as if it is coming from the ear and develop a fever.

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Cause – An abscessed tooth usually occurs from bacteria that invades far into the tooth through a cavity or tooth decay. An abscess may additionally result due to an injury to a tooth or periodontal disease.

Diagnosis – To properly diagnose a tooth abscess a man or woman will want to observe the aforementioned signs and a dental practice will need to consider the tooth health. This analysis may incorporate a dental examination and x-rays.

Treatment – To relieve the pain and treat the infection, the abscess can be drained by way of an incision or opening by a dental office who may also prescribe pain medication or antibiotics, which can control the microbe infection. Over-the-counter pain meds such as acetominophen may help handle small pain connected to the abscess.

If you are experiencing pain in a tooth and you discover other signs and symptoms such as agonizing chewing or swollen lymph nodes, it is essential to pay a visit to your dentist to be evaluated for a tooth abscess.