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January 21 2010

Same Day Dentures Discussion: Make Sure You Have One

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Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you. When it’s time to get major dental work done, you should always ask your dentist what his experience is. All dental procedures should be treated with proper consideration and thought… because while dental procedures have many health benefits, it also has many cosmetic needs as well.

If you need to have some, or all, of your teeth removed, you should review your dentist’s previous work. While it can be hard to tell your family dentist that you want to use someone else for your dentures, denture creation is a specialized practice. And it’s not just taking care of your teeth anymore, it’s recreating your entire smile. Dentists that provide same day dentures often specialize in dentures because they have an on-site lab, which is a huge investment for them.

This on-site lab is great for you because you won’t need to wait weeks or months for your permanent dentures to be created. You can get your dentures the same day you go in to get impressions taken. Ask your dentist if you can get a discount for waiting a few days if the costs are prohibitive. Reduce the price of your same day dentures signficantly by electing to wait three to five days. Waiting three to five days can be uncomfortable but the price reduction can be worthwhile. And, if you’re working, it’s easier to take a few days off and get that price reduction than going into work for 3-4 weeks – or months, while waiting for your new set of dentures.

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All in all, you should talk to your dentist about your denture options and price differences. There are options out there for you – whether you choose same day dentures, few day dentures, or regular dentures.