Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 24 2009

Safe Teeth Whitening Products – A Beginner’s Guide on How to Whiten Teeth

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Feeling unusually embarrassed, mortified, or even deprived of were only few of those feelings you will feel if you happen to belong to those who have discolored teeth. Having discolored or yellowish teeth is not as rewarding as it is humiliating. With this kind of quandary many should be affected but the impact will mostly fall on your own lap. It is possible that you will not talk more often anymore nor can you be able to smile because of this. Something should be done.

Possible Causes

Realizing that your teeth have already lost its luster is not the end of the rope for you. There were as many teeth whitening solutions as there were many causes of this dilemma. From the time you had acquired your permanent teeth during your childhood days many factors have already contributed to the discoloration of your teeth. Too much tetracycline exposure could be one factor, microscopic dents that developed into full blown cracks, prolonged exposure to antibiotic drugs and aging and many other factors like poor oral habits and teeth traumas can all be a likely cause of your discolored teeth.

Hot Teeth Whitening Topic

All of the mentioned causes have their own way of causing trouble to your once lustrous teeth. Some may cause extrinsic teeth discoloration while some acts as gateway to a more deep-seated dirt accumulation called intrinsic teeth discoloration.

Bring Back the Gleam

Having an extrinsic teeth discoloration is not really a serious glitch because there were many solutions to this while intrinsic teeth discoloration might require a more clinically supervised procedure. Some of the most practical, safest and effective among the possible solutions include:

  • Baking soda. This is the most common and the most trusted household ingredient that can surely whiten your teeth in no time but remember not to overuse it. Too mush baking soda on the teeth can strip off the hard enamel because it is an abrasive. Use accordingly. Twice weekly is a very safe practice.
  • Diluted hydrogen peroxide. This chemical element is exactly used by professionals in their teeth whitening practice inside their clinics. Using this at home can have significant effect as well. Just be careful not to swallow anything. Dilute an ample amount of hydrogen peroxide in water and mix it with baking soda to be able to create a paste. Brush your teeth using this mixture and top off with your favorite toothpaste.
  • Orange peels. After eating your oranges, don’t throw away its peels. Gently rub the white side of the orange peel (inside part of its skin containing the white fibrous particles) into the surface of the teeth and finish off with brushing with your favorite fluoride toothpaste afterwards. Don’t leave your teeth un-rinsed. The acid of the orange peel can damage your tooth’s enamel causing you more trouble than good.

This beginner’s guide to teeth whitening had already been proven to be effective and safe. It is also practical and convenient to use. Remember that not all techniques can have the same pleasant effect in every person. If in doubt of what method to use don’t hesitate to consult your dentist immediately.

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