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February 02 2011

Restorative Dentistry, An Integrated Approach

I’m going to write about restorative dentistry.  This is when one learns, diagnosis and treats the disease and damage to the teeth and sustaining structure.  I’ve made up a list of the things that I’d like to cover and we will start off with the basics.

Why Select Restorative Procedures?

The Prahran dentist says that people are under the impression that orthodontia and restorative procedures are purely cosmetic.  I don’t agree because if you don’t take the time to take care of this kind of trouble you can cause your body to become very sick.  It’s not all about having a great looking smile.  You want to get into a good routine that will keep your mouth and body healthy.  Why not make it your goal to have the best mouth care as possible.

Hot Teeth Whitening Topic

If you have broken, misaligned or missing teeth it makes it very hard to consume food says the dentist Prahran.  This can lead to problems in the digestive system because the food has not been chewed enough.  Your dentist can take care of these problems for you through dentures, braces, implants or bridges.

How Does it Work?

You’re going to have to schedule more that one appointment to get this kind of work done.  On day one, you’ll end up getting x-rays with your teeth being examined.  Now the dentist can put together a treatment plan for you.  Many times there is a lot of pain around the mouth area.  This is where the antibiotic treatment comes in.  It can be done before the work is started.

Sometimes restorative dentistry work can be done with one visit.  If you need porcelain veneers, outlays, inlays, and crowns this can be taken care of with one appointment.  You don’t have to go around with a missing tooth, but this stuff doesn’t work in all cases.

What to Look for in a Dentist

You might have a dentist you are currently working with.  If you do not have one, I’ve listed some things that you can be on the outlook for.  Select a professional that has an interest in your overall health and smile.  Top professionals will know all about prevention issues instead of just the cures.  A top professional will x-ray your mouth to examine your mouth, teeth, gums, glands, lips and inside of your cheek.  Don’t forget to check the person out with the Better Business Bureau.  Has anyone ever filed a complaint against the person you would like to see?

Bottom Line

There are many different ways to look at restorative dentistry.  You should see it as something positive.  Make sure you get the things like missing or damaged teeth taken care of and the dentist will also have a good understanding of gum disease and other important issues.  That’s restorative dentistry.