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June 12 2010

Replace missing teeth with implants

People have been living with missing teeth for generations. Even George Washington lost most of his, and wore wooden ones to help him get by. But in this day and age, people have many options.

Most everybody knows about dentures, but how many of you know about implants? These are replacements that do not need to be cleaned everyday. A bridge is another popular replacement that is attached to surrounding teeth in order to hold it in place. These 2 are the most popular, and the one’s used most often for the past several years. However, there is another replacement that is even better. Dental Implants have taken their place as the #1 preferred way to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants, by Plano Smile Studio, are replacement teeth that are anchored into the jaw bone that provide all the natural use of a real tooth, and none of the decay that can go along with them.  Over the years, the patients gums will grow around the implants, and make it look as natural as all the other teeth, such that nobody will be able to tell the difference.

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A single implant can be done in about an hour, from the Plano dentist’s chair, using little more than a local anesthetic, and possibly some nitrous oxide.

Once a tooth is extracted, the dentist will insert the implants, and allow it to heal a few weeks before he moves onto step #2 – inserting a post, also known as an abutment. 

This waiting period only lasts a few weeks, and a temporary replacement tooth is put in place to make the patient feel more comfortable in the mean time.

Several weeks after this first part of implant surgery, the dentist will then remove a small amount of tissue to expose the implant again, so that he can insert a post, or “abutment’, that will give the crown something to hold onto. Impressions will be taken; so the permanent tooth will be an exact fit. Teeth are as unique as a finger print, and must be precisely made if they are going to fell and work like the real thing.

This whole procedure will take approximately 3-6 months, depending on the individual. It is not uncommon to have an implant put in place on the same visit as an extraction, limiting the trips back to the dentist. This is known as ‘immediate implant placement’. A family dentist in Allen, Texas will discuss all your options with you before any work is started because he understand what you are going through, and will do all they can to return you to normalcy; as fast as possible.