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May 14 2011

Repairing Receding Gumline Problem

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Gingival recession is one of the worst things that could happen because it’s difficult to stop. Your smile and disposition is affected whenever you feel uncomfortable around the gum line because of receding gums. There are so many reasons why gingival recession happens and gum tissue is lost.

Causes of Gum Recession

What causes the recession of gums? Gum receding due to teeth overcrowding is common. If the teeth is in a strange angle, there is pressure on the gum line to cover all of the teeth. If the receding gum line is common among family members, the problem could be genetic. Age may also be a reason. Gum problems are some of the things that middle age adults have to deal with. Because receding gums can be caused by other things, younger adults are not spared from the gum disorder. In short, receding gums can hit everyone if you do not take care of your gums.

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There’s such a thing as over brushing. When a person is too rough with brushing, gums bleed and more gum tissue is lost. A person could have a fragile gum line and suffer more from rough brushing. Choice of toothbrush, together with brushing technique, may be the most simple cause of gum recession.

Too infrequent brushing may also cause receding gums. Bacteria builds and gets traction around the gum line if the brushing is not done right. Bacterial enzymes mish mash with mouth enzymes and this is hard on the gums.

An eating disorder may also be the culprit. Bulimic individuals put too much pressure on the gum line when they voluntarily vomit. Eating disorders tend to put strain on nutrition. Other lifestyle problems such as smoking or chewing tobacco may cause gum recession.


First of all, oral hygiene. Brushing should be done methodically but thoroughly. Softer bristles are also a must. A better oral hygiene is really best done for gum problems. Gum problems may just disappear altogether when dental cleaning is done regularly. If the person goes for surgery, tissue from another region inside the mouth may be utilized to create more gum tissue.

Look out for warning signs. Gum recession definitely has warning signs, as it is not something that happens all at once.