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December 08 2010

Relieving Dry Mouth Problems Through Acupuncture Method

Dry mouth is an issue that almost any person can face at any time in their lives. However, it is most common to occur in adults who are over the age of 50. It is even more prevalent in people who are struggling with cancer. The main cause of this in cancer patients is a reaction to the medications or treatments that are taken in order to relieve the issues of cancer. However, the treatments for dry mouth that are out there are many that people will use in order to alleviate the problem of not being able to produce saliva.

Of course, the common treatments for dry mouth that many of us can use are lozenges or chewing gum. These simple remedies can effectively alleviate your dry mouth problem through stimulating the salivary glands. But, they are only a temporary relief. One concept that seems to be gaining ground and being used as a method to improve and relieve dry mouth is the use of acupuncture.

A research has been conducted to analyze the truth about the reliability and effectiveness of acupuncture method in relieving the problems associated with dry mouth. In fact, the use of acupuncture has been discussed for nearly two decades in the United States. But, there have not been any major tests conducted. In Sweden, there have been research conducted, one of which had the following results.

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* There were 70 patients to receive the acupuncture treatments
* Significant improvement was discovered within the first 6 months
* Treatments were found to be effective for up to 3 years if treatments continued

In various studies there has been promising results found in regards to using acupuncture as treatment for dry mouth and it also shows that the use of acupuncture can be beneficial to people who sought the treatment. In fact, acupuncture could increase both the stimulated and un-stimulated production of saliva in the body. With this result, it really imply that acupuncture is considered as one of the legitimate treatments for dry mouth.

Apart from being able to cure problem and all of the symptoms linked to dry mouth, acupuncture is also a great relief for the lives of cancer patients who are struggling from this dry mouth issue. Indeed, acupuncture is a method that could really alleviate dry mouth symptoms.