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January 13 2010

Racoon Camps on Deck Without Permission

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I opened the door to the back porch and was surprised by a racoon climbing on a box not more than three feet in front of me. Here are some thoughts that ran through my mind:

Is It Dangerous? – When confronted with a wild animal of any kind you have to be careful. They are after all wild animals and they are under no obligation to act like a domesticated pet.
Does It Have Rabies? – When an animal appears to be unafraid as was the case with this animal, you have to ask yourself if someone has been feeding it or does it have an unnatural lack of fear due to a disease, like rabies.

What surprised me most was that this racoon didn’t appear to be afraid of me. I have an old police baton that I grabbed and stuck out towards it. It simply sniffed the baton and even moved toward me – as if I were giving it some food.

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I began to wonder if someone had been feeding this racoon. It seems very possible as this animal did not appear to be afraid by my presence at all. If I moved toward it, the racoon responded by moving towards me instead of running away. I’m pretty sure that is not natural behavior for a wild animal.

However, it does make sense if someone had been feeding it. If it was used to viewing humans as a source of food and comfort that might be why it was sticking around. The racoon probably thought there was some food coming. I had simply gone on the deck to get a hydrofloss which was neatly packed in the box the racoon was climbing on.

Some people believe the hydrofloss is effective for reducing plaque build up between office visits and helping to solve the problem of gum disease much like the therabreath products are used by folks for combatting bad breath. 

Some also like the Oramd product a lot.  It has essential oils in it.

Anyway, this little monster on my back porch appeared to be cute and lovable.  The only thing that worried me about him was that he would not run away when I attempted to walk out on the deck. Instead he came toward me.  That was a very strange behavior that he exhibited over and over again.  

Unbelievable. Watch out for wild animals.