Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 17 2010

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Teeth whitening can be very useful in making a smile brighter and more attractive. Teeth that are yellowed and discolored can be changed to a fair grin with the help of this quick and safe procedure. Once you know your requirement and budget for teeth whitening, there are a lot of options available to choose from. Which process will correctly meet your requirements will be clear in your mind once you have read this article on various processes. You will find that further information on tooth whitening sydney is on that site.

Teeth whitening is not a preventative procedure. At times teeth get stained by use of cigarettes, tea or coffee and such teeth can be cleaned by this process. It works better when there is sufficient enamel present in the teeth. Influence of this on the color of dental works such as crowns or veneers is absolutely nothing. Dental works when fixed in teeth may lead teeth to turn in various shades if their whitening procedure is not done professionally by a dentist.

People earlier had a notion that only those marks that were present on the surface of teeth could be managed by teeth whitening. Profound stains which originated from reasons like ageing, trauma or medicines will in no way react to the treatment. However, dentists are even finding effective ways to whiten these stains today. Stains which have gone deep in the teeth should normally be treated with the best possible teeth whitening process which can be selected with the help of the dentist.

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Teeth whitening processes that are accessible today are two in types. During bleaching, teeth are whitened ahead of their actual color. Chemicals used for bleaching such as Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used in these things. The most widespread product type for teeth whitening in the market today is this. Visit this site for further information on zoom teeth whitening.

The only thing the whitening products do is to wipe off the dirt and debris from the face of the teeth to give a whiter and fresher smile. Actually, they do not alter the shade of teeth by themselves. Products such as toothpastes typically state to make the teeth whiter. As soon as the bleaching agent is marketed as a whitening product, this change is their description improves their sales figures. Going through the ingredients of the product you choose will let you know if there is bleaching agent in it for optimum results or not.

The most budget friendly option is the teeth whitening kit that can be bought over the counter. Such kits are available at almost all drug stores or grocery sops and they are not priced very high. You need to wear the strips that fit over teeth and are a part of the teeth whitening kits, everyday for some fixed time span. The strip will only work till the time you wear it as the bleaching agent needs to be in touch with the teeth to work on them. This variety of kits only works over a time span and needs to be recurred frequently to keep up positive results.

You also have an option of getting bleaching kits for home from your dentist. Good quality and longer life is attained from the professional kits that come in more expensive than the ones that are available without prescription. You need to wear this whitening process longer in comparison to other kinds. For some, the best results come in for as less as one hour of wearing and for others they come after almost a night of wearing. For a fixed period of time every day, you need to wear a tray which looks like a mouth guard and in which the bleaching agent is kept.

With the help of a range of tools and products, professional bleaching can be performed at the office of the dentist also and that too in a quick and efficient manner. The process includes contact of teeth with the very concentrated peroxide gel for a time span of somewhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Protection of gums from the bleaching agent is very important as the concentration of formula is very high. Preferred results will be clear within one sitting only for various people. To get the desired color, the obstinate marks may require more follow up sessions.

Teeth whitening has become a highly preferred cosmetic procedure now and that is because it is rapid and effective both. The process is easy to do and there are few side effects from the bleaching agents used. Whether you choose to try an over the counter whitening system or head to your dentist for a professional treatment, a whiter smile is in your future.