Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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June 13 2010

Proven Techniques Help You Get Great Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is an area devoted to enhancing the beauty of people?s smiles. Some of the procedures that come in this category are helpful in teeth straightening, teeth whitening and making them healthier. It includes ways which help in replacing lost teeth so that there are no changes in your smile ever. To understand more about cosmetic dentistry and its processes, one needs to go through this article once. Go to this site for further information on orthodontics sydney.

Cosmetic dentistry can only begin if the teeth are healthy. It is not typically used to treat gum disease or other tooth problems that have already occurred. Normally no cosmetic practice will be advocated till the time all of these problems are cured. Even if you have had dental problems earlier, you can get a very natural looking smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry which can be added to your regular dentistry pattern.

One of the dental procedures that is at present being carried out at both dentist?s office and home is the whitening of teeth. The yellowing and staining of teeth caused due to smoking as well as some eating habits can be cured through this process. The teeth whiteners that are available over the counter involve strips which are covered with a bleaching agent and are attached to teeth on a regular basis every day. Processes done in office require a more intense bleaching agent joined with a particular light treatment to get optimum results.

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Another name that comes in the list of general cosmetic dental processes is that of bonding. Chipped or broken or cracked teeth can also be given a more neat and leveled appearance with the help of this procedure. The material used to fill the deficiency in the tooth in bonding is of the same tooth color. This substance so easily gets attached to the tooth and mixes in a manner that it cannot be seen externally resulting in a stain free smile. Shaping of enamel is a very helpful process when done along with this process as it gives a more normal shape and look to the tooth. You will find that further information on teeth braces sydney is on that site.

Veneers are also a part of cosmetic dentistry because they are used to update the appearance of worn, aging teeth. Whenever there are cracks between teeth or are damaged which cannot be taken care of by bonding, then veneers are used to hide them. Chipped or badly discolored teeth also find their extensive use. Veneers are shells that fit over the tops and fronts of teeth to cover up imperfections. There are semi-permanent solutions to many problems by using veneers which are made from composite or porcelain materials and are attached directly to teeth.

It is important to replace teeth which have been lost or become loose. This can also be very well seen belonging to the class of cosmetic dentistry and it has witnessed growth in leaps and bounds in the last twenty years. In the past people who had lost teeth could only get a stable smile only by using dentures or bridges to cover their gaps. No solution amongst them was ever permanent in nature and the chances of having problems down the line were always high. Despite tooth loss it is now very easy to use dental implants as a permanent solution that looks and feels real.

Orthodontic treatments also come under the empire of cosmetic dentistry. There are various other uses of orthodontic apart from making crooked teeth straight. They can also be used to correct bite and jaw misalignments that could cause problems throughout a patient’s life. Time taken in orthodontic treatments is much less today than what it was in past and their success rate has also increased widely indicating how much this area has expanded. There are even “invisible” braces that can be used by adults and teens to make necessary corrections without the typical “metal mouth” people envision when they think of braces.

If you want to improve the color of your teeth and make your smile beautiful, the choices today are massive. As more and more people are seeking cosmetic dentistry and simultaneously the processes are also developing, this field is growing immensely. Anyone wanting beautiful, straight and white teeth can now get so with the help of cosmetic dentistry.