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September 11 2011

Protecting Against Cavities With These Quick Five Steps

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It may appear like a complicated process to avoid cavities in children. But, when parents have the correct information about how to avoid it, kids could possibly have a movie star smile!

1. Though it’s appealing, don’t put your daughter or son to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. Feed them before they go to sleep and clean their teeth just before putting them to bed for the evening or for a nap.

2. Keep in mind, some sweets are usually more tooth damaging than the others. Sticky candies such as taffy, and hard candies like suckers are more likely to cause tooth decay than other sugary treats. Always think of a better compromise. If your child wants a sucker, try supplying a more tooth-friendly alternative like a cookie or bar of chocolate. Treats are fine from time to time, but avoiding those desserts that hold sugars against the enamel for very long time periods is always best. If your little one must have taffy or suckers, be sure you help him or her brush extensively as soon as the sweet is done to minimize damages.

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3. Always maintain good dental care routines. Your child really should have regular tooth brushing and dental checks in order to prevent tooth decay. Brush immediately after all meals and snacks, which includes juices and milk.

4. Teach beneficial oral hygiene practices very early. Teaching your child to care for his or her own teeth is an important part of being sure that your child suffers from virtually no tooth decay. You may show your children what is best by allowing them to watch you brush and floss your teeth. You can alternate brushing their teeth for them before or after they make a try at brushing to be able to encourage independent tooth care while being sure that their teeth are very well taken care of. If you want to positively reinforce your kid’s great brushing habits, reward them for them!

5. If you’re unable to get to a tooth brush after a meal, always have the kid rinse their teeth and mouth out after eating. For those who have a child who can safely chew gum, permit them to chew on sugar-free gum after meals in order to help dislodge food from their teeth, until they can brush.

Controlling cavities in kids can sometimes seem like a hopeless task, but with the assistance and support of your kid’s pediatric dentist, and basic understanding of ways to avoid tooth decay, you too can really help your child keep his or her winning smile.