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November 20 2009

Prescription Drug Help For Prescription Insurance~The Uninsured} in This Country

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Anybody is entitled to receive drugs at a reduced price regardless of their salary, age or pre-existing conditions. There is a novel medication discount card available to anyone that needs it, and it is free of charge! For too long, people lacking medical insurance have been paying full retail prices for their prescription  but with this latest program they will immediately have somebody on their side. Prescription Assistance Programs have been around for many years.

Rx Help began the plan to cut the expense of prescription drugs to those people lacking healthcare insurance. This has developed into a nationwide program with cardholders in the entire 50 states. These prescription drug discount cards are accepted at over 50,000 local and national pharmacies.

A number of non-profit organizations and clinics dispense the cards as a means to fill a need and aid their community all through difficult times. The discount cards have been mailed to neighborhood United Way agencies, clinics, doctor offices and pharmacies in addition to district community health centers. These cards are not medical insurance, although they can lessen the cost of your drugs by up to 60 % or more. The person just presents their card to the pharmacy and they are guaranteed that they will pay either the negotiated price or the pharmacy’s retail charge, whichever is lower.

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There are people that are saving $10 -$30  on drugs and that is money they can use to get groceries, pay rent or pay the phone bill. They are also able to find the medicines they urgently need. The cards are available at no expense to any person and there is no maximum on how often they can be used.

A different means that Rx Help is able to help uninsured individuals is through Prescription Assistance Programs. These programs are operated by each pharmaceutical company and every one is a little different. If a patient qualifies however, they will receive their drugs at no cost. To be eligible you need to be without medical insurance and your family wages cannot go above selected guidelines.

There is a incredible need for prescription medication assistance right now, specially in view of the fact that a lot of individuals continue to lose their jobs. A lot of persons require aid at this time more than ever.