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February 23 2011

Patient Guide To Root Canal Therapy

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Have you ever heard of root canal therapy?  You know you have to have one and are curious to find out more.  It this article I’ll be covering the basics that answer this question for you.

The dentist Melbourne says that when you have root canal therapy it takes care of the problem you are having with the dental pulp.  Dental pulp is the tissue within the tooth.  If you take a look at this tissue, it contains everything that make the teeth function.  This consists of nerves, tissue and blood vessels.  This is the main thing that causes tooth aches.  Before this became popular, you would loose the tooth, but now things are different.  The phenomenon or dismay of the root canal is now these troubles can be fixed.

I’d like to enlighten you to tell if your nerves are wounded or infected.  This is what you should be looking out for says the dental care Melbourne.  If you have pain when you are eating, your teeth are oversensitive, especially with hot or cold drinks and your face looks puffy, you might have an infection.  If the pain is intense, you should be looking for a person who does this kind of surgery.  It might not sit right with you, but it is the best way to deal with this kind of pain that you are having.

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The treatment begins by taking off the top of the tooth.  Now the dentist can look inside and examine the soft tissue inside the tooth.  The infected part of the tissue is removed, cleaned and put back where it came from.  Next, the dentist puts a crown on the top of the tooth.  You might think that this procedure is fairly simple, but it is extremely painful. Sometimes you don’t have to be put under for this type of procedure, but in some cases you do.  Other concerns are that this might take more than one visit.

You do have side effects to be concerned about.  Sometimes your teeth may turn different colors.  You can take care of this with bleaching, but that is a whole other procedure completely.  Your teeth can become particularly fragile after surgery. What this means is the smallest amount of disturbance can chip or damage a tooth.  This is just what is involved with not losing your tooth, but think of the other side of the coin, it’s not too bright.

This is what goes on when you have a root canal.  It is agonizing, time consuming and it costs a lot of money.  At times it will save your tooth.  If this sounds like a procedure that you need done, you should get a hold of a dentist right away.  You want to be concerned with this aggravation before the aggravation gets to you.