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January 26 2010

Othodontic Treatment Can Be Problematic

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I was interested in learning more about patients who have orthodontic braces.  I was curious to learn how many of them have gum disease. I talked to patients who are wearing braces and the majority of them are suffering from mild to moderate bleeding when brushing or flossing. 

Is it really worth undergoing orthodontic treatment when it would cost you your gums or your teeth?  I have interviewed dentists and orthodontists and have found that teeth often loosen during orthodontic treatment because of the same forces intended to correct alignment. I think perfect alignment of the dentition is useless when you would lose your teeth someday.

Is there still value in getting your teeth straightened? Sure, but not to the point of losing your teeth or sacrificing the health of your gums. 

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In the end, the patient has the ability to improve his dental health. Some patients undergoing orthodontic treatment have healthy gums. Each person undergoing orthodontic treatment should be aware that they must be extra careful to protect their periodontal health.

Many patients have found that it is with great caution and exceptional products, like the hydro floss that they can keep their gums healthy even with great force being applied to the teeth.  Some patients seem unconcerned with their situation even when the doctor can literally see that their gums look red and obviously inflamed.  Some teeth look really loose with brackets and wires keeping hold of their teeth. 

Some mouthwashes are better than others. For example, Therabreath may be a good choice.  If you prefer a more natural approach, try Oramd– but these may only be part of the answer.  You have to work hard to care for your gums!

In fairness, there are others who are very cautious and caring of their oral health.  You wanted so much to achieve the smile you have been longing to have and it is expenisve. Be sure your efforts are not wasted, take care of your gums.

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