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June 08 2011

Options for Treating Missing Teeth

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Missing teeth can be blamed on either trauma or disease. Trauma simply means any blow to the teeth or face. Sporting accidents and trips and falls are common example. Disease includes tooth decay and gum disease, which can cause teeth to wear away and come loose. From the point of view of a restorative dentist, it is easier to treat missing teeth after a trauma because the surrounding teeth and gums are still healthy.

Of course, wearing the appropriate protective equipment when playing sports is very important to avoid damage to the teeth. Consistent dental hygiene is the only way to protect your teeth from gum disease and tooth decay.

Various types of false teeth are available for the treatment of missing teeth. These may be permanent or temporary. Dentists will base their decision to use one replacement method or another on the general health of the mouth and the number of missing teeth.

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Removable dentures can replace a number of missing teeth. They are made up of a metal frame with the appropriate number of false teeth made in ceramic or plastic on the frame. These dentures are cheaper and quicker than some other types of tooth replacement.

Dental implants are surgically fitted into the jawbone and act as an anchor to hold in a false tooth or teeth. This process requires a minor surgical procedure and several months of healing. However, it has the advantage that it is a long-lasting, if not permanent solution to missing teeth.