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June 24 2010

Odd Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes come in many shapes and sizes. Just go to any drugstore or supermarket and you’ll see what I mean. Dental implants Cleveland said the wide selection is meant to give you the best possible cleaning action and attract your attention.  

While some brands are practical and won’t hurt your wallet, others are aimed at consumers who don’t mind forking out excess cash for designer brushes. In general, all toothbrushes will do a good job of cleaning teeth provided they are used properly. There’s no need to buy expensive brands unless you have money to spare. 

Between the affordable and expensive brands, however, lies another gray area – one I’d like to call the “Twilight Zone” of toothbrushes. Here you’ll find a selection of unearthly brushes that may not appeal to all people but will in all likelihood make a good conversation piece. 

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So come one and all! Join me as we explore this area where fact and fantasy meet and where outlandish dreams become reality. Here is a random sample of the world’s strangest toothbrushes ever fabricated: 

For folks who can’t live without music, Hasbro has a unequalled solution. Its Turbo Tooth Tunes brush will put music where your mouth is.  The sound experience begins as soon as your brush your teeth.  

Once you turn the power on, this gadget generates sound waves that emanate from the bristles and travel through your jaw bone all the way to your inner ear. It’s like having a Walkman deep-rooted in your head.  

The sounds come from a music chip embedded in the toothbrush handle. It plays for about two minutes – the minimum time you should brush your teeth. The best part is there’s a wide selection of tunes to choose from.  

Artists include the Black-Eyed Peas (Let’s Get It Started), Queen (We Will Rock You), Destiny’s Child (Survivor), Rihanna (Umbrella), the Village People (YMCA), MC Hammer (U Can’t Touch This) and Sister Sledge (We Are Family). Hasbro also has a model for kids known as Tooth Tunes Junior and contains selections from High School Musical, Transformers and The Lion King. 

If you are dismayed by the high cost of toothpaste, a solar-powered toothbrush may be the answer to your problem. This invention, which was unveiled at the FDI Annual World Dental league in Dubai, works without any toothpaste, according to its developer University of Saskatchewan dentistry professor emeritus Dr. Kunio Komiyama and his colleague Dr. Gerry Uswak. 

Manufactured by the Shiken Company of Japan, the brush causes a chemical action in the mouth and reportedly eliminates plaque and bacteria better than an average toothbrush. Komiyama first came up with the idea 17 years ago and published his initial results in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. 

“The first model contained a titanium dioxide rod in the neck of the brush, just below the nylon bristles. It works when light shines on the wet rod, releasing electrons. Those electrons react with acid in the mouth, which helps break down plaque. No toothpaste is required,” explained Janet French of the CanWest News Service. 

“Now Komiyama’s back with a newer model, the Soladey-J3X, which he says packs twice the chemical punch compared to the original. sticking(p) from the base of the brush is a solar panel, which transmits electrons to the top of the toothbrush through a lead wire. It won’t work in the dark, although – the brush needs about as much light as a solar-powered calculator would to operate,” she added. 

The dynamic duo is currently testing their device on 120 subjects. In the lab, the solar-powered toothbrush with success destroyed two types of bacteria which are said to be the major culprits in periodontal disease. (Next: USB toothbrush keeps teeth clean while you’re working.)