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September 22 2010

No Matter What, Go With Experienced Dentists

Growing up, there were rules that were ingrained in us like turning the light off when leaving a room, or taking care of your teeth and visiting a dentist every six months. However, even if we brush and floss daily, and even if we meet with our dentist regularly, sometimes there are situations when we need emergency dental care. If an emergency occurs, with our regular dentist not an option, what would you do?

Here’s situation that’s worth thinking about. Let’s say that you are on a vacation or business trip, thousand of miles from home, when suddenly a pain shoots from the back of your mouth. A pain so excruciating and unbearable that you cannot chew your food. Your friend and colleagues take a look and all say one thing, wisdom tooth. You can wait to see your regular dentist, but being a thousand miles away and the pain being so unbearable, you need to have some wisdom teeth removal done right away.

So the answer is simple, go seek out a dentist. But remember, you are in a part of the world where you know nothing about the local dental hygienists. Would you choose the first dentist you find or would you at least try to find the best one available. One that is experienced and has a trustworthy and solid reputation? Of course you would go for the latter, that’s no contest. But if you choose to go to the first one, say an inexperienced dentist fresh out of college? Even if the inexperienced dentist is the class valedictorian of his or her school, the lack of experience is one you should be wary of.

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For the purpose of this article, let’s say you opted to go with the more inexperienced dentist. What can possibly go wrong then with this hasty decision? To start, let’s say the one you chose is fresh out of college. Most likely then, he or she won’t have all the necessary tools to help you. Then, with their relative newness to the game, the chances are also high that the dentist has never performed a wisdom teeth removal procedure before. Also, and this is much more scary, when it come to the administering of anesthesia, what are the chances he or she would give you too much, or too little? Risks all, and I’m sure there are more. Would you risk your teeth, and possibly even your life in the hands of an inexperienced dentist? I’m sure you won’t, but thus are the consequences of choosing without thinking.

Now, the choice becomes all the more clear. When it comes to your dental health, no matter how dire your situation may be, it is best to choose the more experienced dentist at all times. In emergencies like needing wisdom teeth removal or gum disease treatment, you must choose the best dental hygienist that is available. Caring for your teeth shows in the way you take care of it and in the choosing of a dentist. Just like with a medical emergency, say surgery, wouldn’t you want the best surgeon to do the job? Same with your teeth, isn’t choosing the best dentist available the right choice? No matter the emergency, no matter you financial standing, always choose the best.