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October 06 2010

New permanent teeth

Removable false teeth used to be the only option for people who lost some or all of their teeth. With the rapidly increasing number of aging people within the country, this new technology of dental implants has grown to be the standard for replacement teeth. Conventional dentures require considerable practice to be able to chew and speak with ease. The breaking-in period for new dentures can vary from patient to patient and some people end up hating their dentures even though the dentures have been made properly. Partial dentures also have problems with stability and can move when chewing sticky or hard food. Studies have shown that a vast majority of people prefer removing their dentures while chewing in a non-social setting. 

To remedy this problem in Houston TX, dental implants have been used to stabilize the dentures and prevent them from becoming loose. A loose lower denture can move as much as 1/2 an inch both sideways and up/down during eating and speaking. Implants anchor the dentures and provide the stability needed. And these dentures are called Implant supported over dentures. This translates to improved comfort while chewing and greater confidence when speaking. You need not fear your denture falling out while sneezing or while laughing.

Along with stability, implants also help preserve the natural bone surrounding the implants. In conventional dentures the forces are directed onto the alveolar ridge and this can lead to loss of bone. Implant supported Over-dentures can be placed in both the upper and lower jaw. Alternatively you can place a fixed dental bridge over the implants. Your Pittsburgh implant dentist will help you choose the right tooth replacement option for you. 

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Most patients feel little or no pain or discomfort when the implants are being placed.

There are two types of implant-supported Over dentures: bar-retained and ball-retained.

Bar-retained dentures
Bar-retained dentures require 2-5 posts implanted into the jaw that will hold the bar that the dentures are attached to. 

Ball-retained dentures (Ball and socket implant)
Ball retained dentures require only 2 posts to be implanted, and use a ball-type attachment mechanism.

Both types of Irving implant dentistry are excellent, it is only a matter which one you prefer.