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March 29 2010

Natural Ways to Stop Angular Cheilitis

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Have you ever wished to cure your angular stomatitis? You may have been frustrated with the over the counter options or those available from your doctor. Angular cheilitis causes cracks at the corner of the mouth. Sometimes the problem becomes so bad that your lips become to bleed. If you suffer from the final stage of anglar cheilitis you should know how painful is it to smile.

There can be various causes for angular cheilitis. Bacterial and fungal infections can play a part as can deficiencies in certain nutrients-particularly those of the B Vitamin group.Moreover, iron deficiency plays huge role in angular cheilitis development. Sometimes the infection can be caused by improperly fitted dentures. Other people are sure that the infection is caused only by the cold virus. Of course nobody has proved it yet, however, it is likely to be true. Angular cheilitis is most common amongst the elderly, but it can effect people of all age groups.

Certain conditions, such as allergies, dermatitis, a weakened immune system and a poor diet can all increase susceptibility to this condition. If your problem is at the first stage, you can easily treat it using natural remedies. These natural remedies include lemon juice or thick lip balm. Moreover, a proper hygiene and well maintained diet will assist you on your way to healthy mouth. You can also obtain a good moisturizing cream for your lips. So, as I have already told, the condition can be caused by lack of vitamins and nutritions. That is why it is very important to add special supplements to your food.

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Also try to consume more vegetables, especially spinach because these vegetables have much iron. For even better outcomes doctors recommend to use both techniques simultaneously. Use special creams, maintain a good hygiene and maintain a proper, healthy diet. Hope this article will help you to achieve success on your way to crack free lips. I wish you good luck.