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January 18 2010

Nappy Gingivitis Breath…

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The new affectionately slanderous and in vogue slur among today’s youth: "You have nappy gingivitis breath"! This is usually followed by an even more endearing taunt which we can’t repeat here.  I am quite sure your imagination is funcioning quite well at this point.

Though said in good fun, some people really do have gum disease and gingivitis – and often, but not always, this is accompanied by bad breath. This is also known has ‘halitosis’.

There is something slightly ironic in this innocent sounding ‘bust’. Many of the people who bandy it about may very well have gingivitis themselves! Yes, the stats tell us that up to 75% and some say 80% of the population may have some form of gum disease right now!

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The worst part is that many who have it, do not even know. In time this problem can lead too lose and lost teeth. Many people don’t even realize that they have been nursing an unhealth case of gum disease until the dentist or periodontist tell them.

The sad thing about this is that once the teeth become lose, they may want to do surgery on you to correct the problem.  People seldom get gum disease in one isolated area. This could spell a great financial burden.  Something like Oramd could help.

It can be expensive to lose teeth and have implants or dentures created.  In both cases, you really have to realize that the substitute is not as cool or good as the real thing.

A bit of know how and prevention knowledge could make a big difference. Such information could allow you to avoid expensive dental treatments and keep your teeth for a lifetime.  Regular brushing and flossing may not always be enough to prevent gum disease. If it was, would so many people have it? Ummm – probably not. ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

Yo, you might have nappy gingivitis breath and not even know it!