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June 25 2010

Myths About Osteoporosis

The medical community wants you to think that curing a health problem like osteoporosis is complicated . It is always beneficial for the drug companies that you not understand how your osteoporosis develops and how to go about changing it without their medicine . In working with patients and clients, I commonly say, “The number one killer of Americans is not heart disease or cancer or osteoporosis…the number one killer of Americans is misinformation.” So what misinformation am I referring to?

Myth #1 – Osteoporosis is a certainty. In fact, according to the Surgeon General, only 17% of women will ever incur a broken hip (the most devastating fractures associated with osteoporosis). Another 15% will develop vertebral fractures and yet another 16% will develop a fractured forearm . Totaled , that is less than 50% of the population. Those numbers are still too high , but I just want you to know that it is not definite .

Myth #2 – Osteoporosis occurs with aging ; you can not preclude it, much less undo it. Osteoporosis is mostly an artifact of life style, not age. It is true that we do lose bone as we age , however, this does not have to create an increased risk of fracture. Which brings us to the next example of misinformation…

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Myth #3 – Bone density is what determines fracture risk. I spend a good deal of time teaching people  why their bone density can not determine fracture risk. Bone quality is definitely more important.

I believe that there are natural solutions to osteoporosis, in fact, I believe the natural approach is the only way to successfully reverse osteoporosis. So how do you cure osteoporosis?

1. You dedicate yourself to the cause of curing your osteoporosis by making a contract with yourself to do everything that is necessary to promote healthy bone.

2. You immediately start taking the right supplements which includes a “bone mineral formula” (not just calcium), vitamin D3, and vitamin K2, to name a few. A “Bone Mineral Formula” is a supplement that provides calcium, magnesium, boron and other important trace minerals. Remember, trying to build bones with calcium alone is like trying to build a house with only wood, no nails, plaster, brackets, etc. It can’t be done. Vitamin D is a critical piece of the puzzle. Have your doctor test your vitamin D levels, a standard starting dose is 2,000 iu daily.

3. You start eating the healthy foods which promote healthy bones. The most basic rule that I can give you here is to eat three times as much fruits and vegetables by weight as you eat animal protein.

4. Start a welldesigned exercise program that includes aerobic activity, resistance activity, and stretching. By far, the most important exercise is resistance training, you need to strain the bones to get the body to want to build them stronger.

This article only touches the surface of a natural osteoporosis treatment plan.