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November 21 2010

Missing teeth are no joke

There are many causes of missing teeth, but no matter how one is removed, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You’ll undoubtedly want to restore your smile’s appearance, as well. 

If one tooth is missing, nearby teeth may shift to fill the gap, and that shift can lead to malocclusion, or an incorrect bite. An incorrect bite may lead to discomfort while chewing, and it can reduce your ability to take in adequate nutrition. The jawbone will be compromised if a tooth is not replaced, resulting in tempromandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or the erosion of the underlying bone. In extreme cases, patients can add to these problems since they will all affect the surrounding teeth.

The psychological effects of a missing tooth have deep rooted effects as well. Even in one tooth is missing; it will affect the way many people talk, chew, and most importantly think about themselves. This will eventually affect the way they show up at work, and how they interact with others.

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Dental implants and bridges are the most common way to replace a missing tooth. Moon Township, PA dental implants are generally preferred by cosmetic dentists because they are anchored to the bone through a titanium screw, allowing them to function in the same way as natural teeth and prevent further bone deterioration. Implants also are becoming increasingly popular among patients. 

A permanent bridge, in which crowns are placed on adjacent teeth and an artificial tooth is connected to the crown to replace the missing tooth, is another option. Bridges are less expensive to have, but in order to have one the doctor needs to remove healthy enamel from the surrounding teeth, in order to install the crowns. Many dentists in McKinney, TX and patients are not comfortable with the idea of removing tooth material that is perfectly functional.

Your cosmetic dentist in Manhattan can advise you in the decision between dental implants and bridges or other alternatives, such as removable dentures.