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January 30 2010

Mind Your Stress Levels and Possibly Improve Your Health…

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When stress attacks us, the results often show up in our mouth first. Often stress can increase your likelihood of developing gingivitis which can then easily progress into true gum disease.

The problems of stress is two fold. First the chemicals that your body creates may have an impact on your dental health alone. Couple that with the theory that stress can actually cause you to miss taking care of your dental health and you have compounded the problem.

If this goes on for any length of time, it is quite easy for gingivitis to worsen or to set in. Not to mention that, by the same token, your risk for tooth decay may increase as well. Harmful bacteria secrete their toxins onto both teeth and gums. As a result, both are more at risk for developing a disease condition.

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Therefore, this article is a reminder to you to take care of your dental health in times of stress. Do not forget because it is easier to do so when you are stressed. Perhaps you are working late, night after night, attempting to reach a deadline. Perhaps you are worried about some matter relating to your family or friends.

It could be any number of things. One thing you can do to alleviate stress is to practice meditation. Try the peaceful exercises of Falun Dafa. They can help your body to relax. The idea is that your mind may follow suite. Stress is tricky and causes many harmful chemicals to be released. In a short term crises, these chemicals are helpful to meet environmental challenges. But when these chemicals remain in a chronic way – that could be the doorway to trouble.

Protect your dental health! You can make your body happier and perhaps even live healthier if not longer by keeping your natural teeth and keeping the amount of dental work you have done down to a minimum!

*Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not intend to advise upon, diagnose or treat any health problem whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health problem, visit your doctor or dentist for advice, diagnosis and treatment The USFDA has not evaluated statements about products in this article.