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January 21 2010

Medicaid Dental Providers: The 411

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The purpose of Medicaid dental providers shouldn’t require much explanation. After all, the information’s widely known – and has been supported by reports from the United States Surgeon General’s Office for more than half a century – that dental health care and a rigorous attention to the strict maintenance of all teeth should attain the utmost importance as regards the general physical well being and overall qualify of life for all Americans, and, in an effort to promote oral care and subsidize emergency dental procedures for citizens otherwise at risk, the state and federal government of our country has instituted a sweeping program in which Medicaid dental providers could aid the men, women, and children lacking their own forms of insurance.

Unfortunately, many of these preventative measures are depressingly under-used (as low as three percent of children under the age of nine in some of the nation’s wealthiest states take advantage of the programs) and the numbers of children protected by Medicaid dental providers, who benefit the most from such measures, far too rarely receive these important treatments.

To take just one example, preventative care such as dental sealants – which have been proven to work in conjunction with fluoridation to reduce the incidence of cavities, decay and tooth loss (especially with regards to children) – are compulsorily covered by all Medicaid dental providers in every state per federal guidelines. However, the incidence of usage remains depressingly low, as with most every service offered by Medicaid dental providers, and the consequences grow proportionally.

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Over the progression of time, the monetary burdens for tooth-related emergencies which would once have been easily avoidable through proper maintenance granted (and legally mandated, it should be remembered) by Medicaid dental providers will be imposed upon the already trouble-ridden state and federal budgets when a simple course of regular dental hygiene might’ve protected the teeth absent expense.

Due to increased incidents of decay and periodontal diseases, costs that could have been easily prevented by appropriate usage of the requisite Medicaid dental providers helplessly escalate because of the false economy demonstrated by those heads of household who foolishly refrain from taking their children to the Medicaid dental providers and associated oral hygienists for fear of negligible co-pay bills.

Still, if blame must be attached, the politicians, bureaucrats, and assorted governmental authorities should have more prominently publicized the fiscal availability – and, indeed, the looming necessity – of Medicaid dental providers well before such problems developed.

As things stand, children who come from higher income households have notably fewer dental problems, both in childhood and as adults, than children who are covered by Medicaid dental providers. Those who come from the vast multitude of low-earning families that do not fall below their states’ income caps qualifying Medicaid dental providers to offer treatment have a completely different problem, also deserving of greater sympathy from the public at large, but, even then, many of the youngest members of such families could comfortably find a

Medicaid dental provider willing to make an exception. There is little doubt that increasing the awareness of Medicaid dental providers will allow for greater patient participation which, in turn, will automatically bump up the number of participating Medicaid dental providers across the board. Just a little extra attention paid to Medicaid dental providers could soon close the existing gap in dental health, and that’s something that all Americans can smile about.

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